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Welcome to engineering. We are responsible for new services, service and system improvements, idle services and underground locates.


New Services:   We meet with you at the site where the new electric service is needed and review options and costs to provide the required electric service.

Service Improvements:   If your current electric service is not adequate, we review your future needs and provide options for upgrading your electric service.

Idle Services:  We review services that have been disconnected 12 consecutive months and retire them if necessary.

System Improvements:  We continually evaluate the operation of Carbon’s electrical distribution system for reliability and capacity. Improvement projects are completed, or planned, based on this continual evaluation.

Underground Locates:  We review all locate requests to determine if we have underground facilities in the area and forward them to trained field personnel if marking is required. To request a locate, simply dial 811 or call 800-849-2476. For more information, please visit  One Call of Wyoming.



For Departmental Questions Please Contact:
Jim Beckmann
Director of Engineering Services
Phone: 1-800-359-0249
Local Phone: 1 (307) 326-5206


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